Marc Broere

9 januari 2022


There is a growing awareness among development organisations and donors about the need to adapt policies and practices to support equal partnerships with their southern partners. Partnerships in which decision-making and power is more and more shifted to partners in the Global South. But how can this be achieved? We will discuss this in the next World Cafe. 

The world cafes are initiated by Wilde Ganzen and the journalistic platform Vice Versa. At the World Cafe, we discuss global issues. Members of the Partos Shift the Power Community of Practice have been reflecting on this question over the past months. This has resulted in a dream paper, which outlines a system with shared power and a desired division of roles between different types of organisations.

The program

During the World Café on 20 January this dream paper, the bottlenecks and creative solutions will be discussed with representatives of Dutch organisations and partners from the Global South. How do they view the envisaged changes, and would this work in their daily practice? What are the difficult questions we need to ask ourselves? What are the good and bad examples to learn from?



Guests include Moses Isooba (Director Uganda National NGO Forum), Zohra Moosa (Director Mama Cash), Maite Smet (Coördinator Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action) and Bart Romijn (Director Partos). Presentation is done by Ama van Dantzig. This webinar is of interest to professionals working in the field of international cooperation, both in the Netherlands and internationally. The working language of this webinar is English.

Sense of urgency

This meeting is a follow-up to the World Café of 25 June, about the why behind shifting power. Senior civil servants Kitty van der Heijden and Birgitta Tazelaar of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs talked to civil society representatives from Ghana and Kenya about the meaning of this ambition for all actors: from grassroots organisations to policymakers. It emerged that shifting power is a process in which everyone has a responsibility. The sense of urgency for this topic was widely shared. The follow up question was: but how?





Tackling Inequality in Times of Crisis: Insights from the People vs Inequality Podcast

Door Barbara van Paassen | 21 januari 2022

“Ten richest men double their fortunes in pandemic while incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall” is the headline of the report that Oxfam launched this week. A report full of staggering numbers, showing that inequality doesn’t only disrupt lives and societies, it actually kills. The pandemic has both exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities. It is one of the reasons Barbara van Paassen started the People vs Inequality podcast. The hard hit that women took became the topic of the first series. In this blog she shares the stories of changemakers fighting inequality and four key take aways to turn the tide.

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World Economic Forum: complot of kans?

Door Hans Beerends | 20 januari 2022

Deze week wordt in Davos weer het jaarlijkse World Economic Forum (WEF) gehouden. Kwam de kritiek vroeger van links, sinds de coronacrisis komt die vooral van extreemrechts. Hans Beerends gaat na welke kritiek terecht is en welke niet.

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Interview dr. Moses Isooba: Shift or share the power?

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 18 januari 2022

The next edition of the World Café is scheduled to take place on 20th January 2022. During the event, a number of practitioners and leaders in the NGO and the development arena will be discussing two main subjects; shifting power at work and the need for Northern Organizations to adapt policies and practices to support equal partnerships with their Southern Partners. One of the panelists, Dr. Moses Isooba, boasts of over two decades of work experience in the NGO world as well as in the donor circles. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), an organization that unites national and international NGOs operating in the country. Our Vice Versa contributor Emmanuel Mandebo caught up with Dr. Moses and the two had a candid conversation about Shift the Power movement and power relations between Northern and Southern organizations.

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