Ariette Brouwer langs de meetlat

Door Marc Broere | 29 juli 2021

In deze serie legt Vice Versa directeuren van ontwikkelingsorganisaties langs de shift the power-meetlat. In hoeverre zijn ze bereid na te denken over machtsverhoudingen binnen de internationale samenwerking? Gaan ze zeggenschap overhevelen en hoe ziet de nieuwe rolverdeling tussen noordelijke en zuidelijke partners eruit? In deze vierde aflevering: Ariette Brouwer van Simavi.

Wetenschap bedrijven onder de druk van moord

Door Marc van Dijk | 27 juli 2021

Kun je als wetenschapper helpen om ernstige misstanden te bestrijden, als er doden vallen tijdens je onderzoek? Hoe vind je de juiste partners en hoe blijf je gemotiveerd? Oksana Nesterenko stimuleert anticorruptie-onderzoek in Oekraïne, antropoloog Naomi van Stapele werkt met Keniaanse sekswerkers en bendeleden. Een dubbelinterview.

African Movie Review: In Reality

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 26 juli 2021

In this Episode of  the montly African Movie Review by Emmanuel Mandebo, Vice Versa Global brings you the multi award-winning Ugandan short film ‘In Reality’, directed by Kasule Douglas Benda. In the film, an HIV positive dad finds out that the HIV positive girl he is having a sexual relationship with is actually the girlfriend to his HIV negative son.

The impact of climate change on women

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 23 juli 2021

Climate change is the biggest catalyst of poverty. Due to archaic patriarchal systems, women have limited access to basic human rights like the ability to move freely and acquire land. So, as climate change intensifies, women will struggle the most in both the rural and urban setup, especially in informal settlements.

The epilepsy awareness champion pulling down the walls of stigma

Door Cynthia Omondi | 21 juli 2021

When Fredrick Beuchi Boya learnt that his sister was suffering from epilepsy, he deplored the reality she would face since in his community it is associated with a curse. The love he had for her made him research more on the condition and now he is spreading awareness about epilepsy, not only in Kenya, but all over the globe through various drives.

Zomereditie Vice Versa uit

Door Vice Versa | 20 juli 2021

Het zomernummer van Vice Versa is uit. Boordevol reportages, achtergronden, interviews, columns en opinie. Een overzicht.

The young entrepreneur sustaining poultry rearing in Rusinga

Door Eunice Mwaura | 19 juli 2021

On our third series on Rusinga Island, Vice Versa Global’s Eunice Mwaura talks to Alphonse Odhiambo. The 32 year old man runs a poultry feed processing unit that has saved the residents of Rusinga Island from a cumbersome 47km tour, to the nearby city, in order to purchase feed for their poultry.

Modernity and nature

Door Martha Nalukenge | 14 juli 2021

As our cities rapidly expand and modernize, nature continuous to bear the burden as it is constantly being dislocated. In Masaka, the green lush vegetation that adorned the city is slowly being replaced by grey impervious surfaces. Martha Nalukenge shares her insights into how changes in land cover have affected the city and its people.

The blind community health volunteer

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 07 juli 2021

Losing your eye sight can be devastating even at old age. People who were close to you distance themselves and even family members might treat you differently because they see you as a burden. After losing her eyesight Angela Nzilani went through an extremely difficult time trying to accept the fact that she would never see light again. The only people who came to her rescue were Community Health Volunteers. Now she is one of them herself and has a clear message to the world: “If you see a person living with disability, don’t see the disability but see their ability. We are normal people. Stop referring to us by our disability.”

Victoria Friendly Montessori, the oasis of hope

Door Eunice Mwaura | 05 juli 2021

On the second part of our three part series on Rusinga Island Vice Versa Global talks to Tom Mboya, the programs director at Victoria Friendly Montessori. Having dropped out of school due to a myriad of issues, he sought to make things better for future generations. His dream of providing quality education to the less privileged children on the island has had a spiralling effect, touching on many other aspects.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #5: Turning Books Into Toys

Door Eva Nakato | 02 juli 2021

In this episode of ‘Upclose with Eva Nakato’ we bring you Hasfa Mago from Kampala who is helping thousands of children develop the much needed basic literacy skills by turning Books into Toys through her Book Drive Foundation.

Towards a mindshift, too

Door Marlies Pilon | 01 juli 2021

In this fifth edition of the World Café, a conversation on shifting the power with Southern leaders and top officials from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ‘If we are able to risk our lives for human rights, trust us with the resources, please!’ A report by Marlies Pilon.

The altruistic Congo activist who overcame death threats

Door Cynthia Omondi | 30 juni 2021

When Jacques Issongo saw young men of LUCHA devoted to fighting for social justice and accountability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he felt a call within that prompted him to join the movement. A movement that has brought significant change in the DRC while on the other hand, has cost him his job and family. He has faced countless physical assaults and arbitrary arrests as a result of his involvement with LUCHA.

Watch the recording of the World Café

Door Marc Broere | 29 juni 2021

Want to check back on last Friday’s World Café? You can do so via the Youtube link below. See the fascinating conversation led by Ama van Dantzig about the future of development cooperation and more equality between Northern and Southern players with Kitty van der Heijden, Charles Kojo Vandyck, Birgitta Tazelaar and Rachael Mwikali. A written report will follow later.

Youth Canvas: Meet young conservationist Maulid Mshahame

Door Eunice Mwaura | 28 juni 2021

New in the Youth Canvas by Eunice Mwaura. 15 acre of mangroves vegetation was cleared to facilitate the construction of the Dongo Kundu bypass meant to decongest Mombasa City by providing an alternative route to the south coast. Kishoka Youth Foundation, led by a young Marine conservationist by the name of Maulid Mshamame has been working to counter the effects of deforestation by planting more mangroves along the coastline.