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The 25 year old Samburu youngster giving back to his community

Door Cynthia Omondi | 15 november 2021

Against all odds, Erisen Lengerded (25) has managed to become a role model himself. Having grown up in a community that considered education unnecessary and with no one to look up to, he now brings his knowledge back home – and things are visibly changing there.

Kenyan teen girls invent Covid breathhalyzers that will enhance rapid testing

Door Cynthia Omondi | 01 november 2021

If you have travelled to a foreign country in the course of this pandemic, then you will agree with me how expensive, tiring and time consuming it has become to get a visa due to the numerous tests one must undertake. For the ones who have been tested at least once, you know how irritating the nasal swab is. Imagine having a more comfortable and cheaper method of testing without having the swabs in your nostrils and throat. Well great news, two young Kenyan girls invented a machine that only needs your breath to test for the virus, with instant results relayed straight to your phone.

The perilous gravel quarries: Female laborers of Malindi speak out

Door Cynthia Omondi | 13 september 2021

They have decided to venture into a blistering and strenuous labor just to fend for their families for lack of better options that can put food on the table. Majority of these women are widowed or single mothers who have children in school, and this is their only way of ensuring they give their children a better life. Depicting the real strength of a woman, they have deconstructed the narrative that a man is the sole provider of the family.

The Kenyan fashionista daring to thrive in Thailand

Door Cynthia Omondi | 30 juli 2021

Nancy Akoth Obonyo refused to let unemployment determine her destiny. As a master’s degree holder, she had been unlucky in securing formal employment so she decided to venture into self-employment in a foreign land. She talked to Vice Versa Global’s Cynthia Omondi on how she got there, her journey so far and her aspirations.

The epilepsy awareness champion pulling down the walls of stigma

Door Cynthia Omondi | 21 juli 2021

When Fredrick Beuchi Boya learnt that his sister was suffering from epilepsy, he deplored the reality she would face since in his community it is associated with a curse. The love he had for her made him research more on the condition and now he is spreading awareness about epilepsy, not only in Kenya, but all over the globe through various drives.

The altruistic Congo activist who overcame death threats

Door Cynthia Omondi | 30 juni 2021

When Jacques Issongo saw young men of LUCHA devoted to fighting for social justice and accountability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he felt a call within that prompted him to join the movement. A movement that has brought significant change in the DRC while on the other hand, has cost him his job and family. He has faced countless physical assaults and arbitrary arrests as a result of his involvement with LUCHA.

Civil Society Organizations in Tanzania join hands to eliminate Child Labour

Door Cynthia Omondi | 25 juni 2021

2021 was declared as the International Year of the Elimination of Child Labor by the UN. To mark this event for the first time ever in Tanzania, several NGOs came together in accord. Our very own Cynthia Omondi was an invited guest and she travelled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to join in the proceeding.

This is the type of politician that Kenya needs

Door Cynthia Omondi | 14 juni 2021

Many people usually go into politics for the money and the power. Next year there will be elections in Kenya and our hope is that a new breed of politicians will emerge, those who will work for the benefit of the electorate. One of them might possibly be Saadia Rao. Thanks to her selfless acts, people have been encouraging her to stand for an elective seat. This is because they believe that she can make a positive difference. She talked to Vice Versa Global’s Cynthia Omondi.

The self-taught inventor making waves in Sierra Leone

Door Cynthia Omondi | 26 mei 2021

Emmanuel Alie Mansaray recently became a social media sensation in the West African country of Sierra Leone. This is after his invention of a solar-powered engine car was spotted on the streets of Freetown. His innovative solar car hit the headlines not only in his home country, but also internationally, leaving many people amazed by his outstanding creativity. So, who exactly is this young man and what is the force behind his passion for inventions?

Testimony of a reformed cutter brings hope of eradicating Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya

Door Cynthia Omondi | 14 mei 2021

Over 200 million women across the globe have stood tall to tell their painful stories. Their victorious voices, their solidarity in transforming their pain into purpose and their undying hope of creating a world free from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). With many stories told of the survivors, Vice Versa Global brings you an exclusive interview with Isnino Tono. She is not only a survivor, but a person who actively participated in the actual act of the cut.

The woman breaking the job stereotype in Malindi

Door Cynthia Omondi | 26 april 2021

Vice Versa Global presents the first, and so far only, female boda-boda rider in Malindi. She has defied the odds stacked against her and is excelling in a field that is male dominated. She tells us how she is overcoming the gender stereotypes that she encounters in her line of work and what her eventual goal is.

Don’t leave teen mums behind!

Door Cynthia Omondi | 22 maart 2021

Gone are the days when teen mums used to be shunned and looked at as social pariahs. With comprehensive sex education being turned from a right to a controversial issue by the society at large, some organizations decided to step up and bridge this gap. The narrative has changed and these girls are making something of themselves.