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Interview dr. Moses Isooba: Shift or share the power?

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 18 januari 2022

The next edition of the World Café is scheduled to take place on 20th January 2022. During the event, a number of practitioners and leaders in the NGO and the development arena will be discussing two main subjects; shifting power at work and the need for Northern Organizations to adapt policies and practices to support equal partnerships with their Southern Partners. One of the panelists, Dr. Moses Isooba, boasts of over two decades of work experience in the NGO world as well as in the donor circles. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF), an organization that unites national and international NGOs operating in the country. Our Vice Versa contributor Emmanuel Mandebo caught up with Dr. Moses and the two had a candid conversation about Shift the Power movement and power relations between Northern and Southern organizations.

African Movie Review: Veronica’s Wish

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 17 december 2021

In this Episode of the African Movie Review, Emmanuel Mandebo takes us through the emotional film, Veronica’s Wish. In the film, a young and successful couple is looking forward to their big wedding when the bride-to-be suddenly finds out that she’s left with a few months to live.

African Movie Review: Shame of Puberty

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 09 november 2021

In this Episode of the African Movie Review brought to you by Vice Versa Global, Emmanuel Mandebo discusses the multi award-winning short film, Shame of Puberty. In the film, Akello, a 14 year-old orphaned but brilliant girl, struggles to overcome the bullies at her school when her menstrual periods suddenly appear.

African Movie Review: Bala Bala Sese

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 28 september 2021

In this Episode of the African Movie Review on ViceVersa Global, Emmanuel Mandebo reviews the Epic Ugandan film, Bala Bala Sese. The film is a love story of two young people from the countryside who are struggling to share their hearts together amidst the many odds that stand against them.

African Movie Review: Prickly Roses

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 28 augustus 2021

In the new episode of the African Movie Review on Vice Versa Global, Emmanuel Mandebo discusses the film Prickly Roses. Produced by Nabwiso Films in association with Akina Mama Wa Africa, Prickly Roses decodes the lives of three young women who are striving to earn a living in a very unsupportive environment.

African Movie Review: In Reality

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 26 juli 2021

In this Episode of  the montly African Movie Review by Emmanuel Mandebo, Vice Versa Global brings you the multi award-winning Ugandan short film ‘In Reality’, directed by Kasule Douglas Benda. In the film, an HIV positive dad finds out that the HIV positive girl he is having a sexual relationship with is actually the girlfriend to his HIV negative son.

African Movie Review: Nairobi half life

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 21 juni 2021

In this Episode, we’ll be talking about one of the biggest movies to have ever come out of the East African nation of Kenya. In Nairobi Half Life, an ambitious Actor from rural Kenya moves to the city Nairobi in pursuit of his dreams.

African Movie Review: Kony order from above

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 10 mei 2021

In this new Episode of the monthly African Movie Review by Emmanuel Mandebo, we bring you the Multi- Award Winning movie, Kony Order From Above, directed and produced by Steven Thompson Ayeny. The film is set during the LRA War in Northern Uganda. In the film, two young adults, Otti and Aguti struggle to keep their love affair a secret from the ruthless rebel commanders while they plot their escape from the jungles.

African Movie Review episode 1

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 31 maart 2021

Today on Vice Versa Global: the first contribution of Emmanuel Mandebo. Emmanuel is a young lawyer from Uganda with a passion for film. Besides that he is an actor, writer and producer himself. Each month Emmanuel will do a review of an African Movie with a socially conscious message.