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The 21 year old Kenyan actress daring to dream abroad

Door Eunice Mwaura | 17 januari 2022

At just 21 years of age, Janet Kilonzo is a budding actress in one of the greatest cities in the world. Despite the numerous stereotypes she has encountered so far, she has made it her mission to break the mould of what Hollywood perceives ‘African’ to be. Following in the footsteps of her fellow country folk Lupita Nyong’o, she also hopes to make it in Hollywood and star in her own hit show or blockbuster film one day.

Derrick Baah, the Ghanaian live painter

Door Eunice Mwaura | 12 januari 2022

In the new episode of the Youth Canvas, Eunice Mwaura meets Derrick Baah, a young Ghanaian live painter, during the Young African Leaders Summit in Accra, Ghana. He is able to make a perfect visual art piece of Nelson Mandela in a matter of minutes. He uses his art to inspire other young people and to send a message of positivity. He leaves us with a very important message; sacrifice is a mindset, success will always soar on the wings of sacrifice, without sacrifice you cannot get to your peak.

Join seminar on Free Trade and Climate Change in Africa

Door Eunice Mwaura | 27 oktober 2021

Tomorrow, on the 28th of October, Vice Versa Global, will participate in a critical virtual summit on the AfCFTA and its implications to climate change. The event will be live-streamed on Zoom and televised on television. To provide a detailed perspective on the summit, Vice Versa Global reporter Eunice Mwaura spoke with Miss Jane Kasumba, the program’s main coordinator.

The land rights defender of Kenyan peasant women

Door Eunice Mwaura | 01 september 2021

Access to land rights for women in sub-Saharan countries has, for decades, faced a myriad of institutional, policy and traditional barriers. It is within this context that organisations and women rights activists like Susan Owiti, one of the co-founders of Kenya Peasants League, were borne. They are at the front lobbying for inclusion and equity in contestation to customary laws and practises that have perpetually impeded women’s access and ownership of land.

Power in community journalism

Door Eunice Mwaura | 09 augustus 2021

Over the years the media has continuously been scrutinised, with trust in it appearing to plummet as audiences question its credibility. The trend in traditional journalism has been premised on the top down approach which has engendered community journalism. Agneta Asitwa, a 27 year old trained film journalist, talks about the role local ownership of news has played and the gaps it has bridged within her community.

The young entrepreneur sustaining poultry rearing in Rusinga

Door Eunice Mwaura | 19 juli 2021

On our third series on Rusinga Island, Vice Versa Global’s Eunice Mwaura talks to Alphonse Odhiambo. The 32 year old man runs a poultry feed processing unit that has saved the residents of Rusinga Island from a cumbersome 47km tour, to the nearby city, in order to purchase feed for their poultry.

Victoria Friendly Montessori, the oasis of hope

Door Eunice Mwaura | 05 juli 2021

On the second part of our three part series on Rusinga Island Vice Versa Global talks to Tom Mboya, the programs director at Victoria Friendly Montessori. Having dropped out of school due to a myriad of issues, he sought to make things better for future generations. His dream of providing quality education to the less privileged children on the island has had a spiralling effect, touching on many other aspects.

Youth Canvas: Meet young conservationist Maulid Mshahame

Door Eunice Mwaura | 28 juni 2021

New in the Youth Canvas by Eunice Mwaura. 15 acre of mangroves vegetation was cleared to facilitate the construction of the Dongo Kundu bypass meant to decongest Mombasa City by providing an alternative route to the south coast. Kishoka Youth Foundation, led by a young Marine conservationist by the name of Maulid Mshamame has been working to counter the effects of deforestation by planting more mangroves along the coastline. 

The power of a positive story

Door Eunice Mwaura | 07 juni 2021

How you tell a story can build or destroy the world. Eunice Mwaura, coordinator of Vice Versa Global talks about the power of a positive narrative, three months after the establishment of this platform. Through it, great untold stories have been brought to the fore. Positive remarkable stories that have invoked social change.

The female mechanic challenging stereotypes

Door Eunice Mwaura | 24 mei 2021

At 21 years old, Felis Oloo is challenging stereotypes by working as a mechanic, a profession that is predominantly male. What inspires her and what message does she have for women who are reluctant to pursue jobs that are labelled as men’s?

The 15 year old conservationist following in the footsteps of Wangari Maathai

Door Eunice Mwaura | 17 mei 2021

At only 15, Rahmina Paulette is proving to be quite the rare gem. Her initiatives that are geared towards environmental conservation have earned her accolades internationally. Vice Versa Global caught up with the next Wangari Maathai as she lets us in on what inspired her to start her organization, the challenges she’s faced so far and what the future holds.

The tailor-made support by Amani Kibera

Door Eunice Mwaura | 07 mei 2021

In particular, locally rooted organizations make a difference in the response to Covid-19. With few resources, they deliver tailor-made assistance and make a Hugh impact. A report on the work of Amani Kibera in Nairobi. ‘It’s not only more effective, it guarantees the dignity of the people.’

PLO Lumumba part 2: ‘A society that doesn’t pay regard to its youth is a society adrift’

Door Eunice Mwaura | 22 april 2021

On the second part of our interview with Prof. PLO Lumumba, he gets to talk to us about how best we can cash in on Africa’s young demographic as a dividend and how she can realize transformative leadership. He also has a message for the youth on how they can overcome the cultural barriers and tells us if he feels if there is still hope for Africa’s young demographic.

PLO Lumumba on the rise of Pan-Africanism through economic integration

Door Eunice Mwaura | 19 april 2021

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has been received with a wave of optimism not only in Africa but globally. It has been hailed as a beacon of hope believed to hold the potential of alleviating more than 30 million out of poverty while employing millions more. Vice Versa Global talks to one of the biggest intellectuals on the continent, an anti-corruption crusader and a staunch Pan-Africanist, Prof. PLO Lumumba on this great milestone for the African continent.

Communnity news organizations are taking over

Door Eunice Mwaura | 29 maart 2021

The journalism landscape has greatly evolved over the past few years. Mainstream media is no longer the heart…

The Youth Canvas: Art to boost self confidence

Door Eunice Mwaura | 24 maart 2021

In the fifth episode of The Youth Canvas, Eunice Mwaura visits the Foundation of Hope in Kibera. This Youth Led Organization uses art to give young people from informal settlements self-confidence and to shape their own future direction.

‘Jesus was also an activist: you can call us his modern-day disciples’

Door Eunice Mwaura | 10 maart 2021

She dreams big, inspires women and men and is not afraid of sacred houses – such as the balance of power in the world of human rights. A meeting in Nairobi with Rachael Mwikali, feminist and activist. It starts at home: “In global forums, our president says he supports gender equality, but our own parties are not inclusive, and women cannot walk the streets safely at night or are even murdered.”

Data, the new currency in Africa

Door Eunice Mwaura | 03 maart 2021

“It is important to uphold and observe ethics in mapping, data collection and packaging. This has proved to be quite a challenge. Approximately, only 30% of researchers and academia come back to the community to verify and share their collected data.” To get to grips with this issue and how to handle it, we talked to Nicera Wanjiru, a young activist driving change in her community and fighting for her community’s right to data and information.

Youth Canvas videoserie #3

Door Eunice Mwaura | 08 oktober 2020

The third episode of the Youth Canvas is about youth and agriculture. Eunice Mwaura visits a young farmer…

Youth Canvas videoserie #2

Door Eunice Mwaura | 14 augustus 2020

In de Youth Canvas gaat verslaggever Eunice Mwaura in gesprek met jongeren over thema’s als gendergelijkheid, maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen, klimaatverandering en macht en ongelijkheid.