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Upclose With Eva Nakato #13: BloodLink Blood Donation Mobile App

Door Eva Nakato | 04 maart 2022

BloodLink is a (P2P) peer to peer blood donation mobile app that connects blood donors and recipients. The application was developed for the benefit of the needy for blood during an emergency. Today, we bring you a closed knit group of friends who decided to develop this application after failing to secure blood from the blood bank for one of their colleagues who needed an urgent blood transfusion. However, out of the 7 friends, no one was eligible to donate blood for his cause. The BloodLink mobile application can be found on the ios appstore and google play store.

Upclose With Eva Nakato 12: Keeping Hopes Alive

Door Eva Nakato | 04 februari 2022

After losing her mother to cervical cancer a year ago, 23 year old Katushabe Marion aka Mara dedicated her life to supporting cancer patients across the country through the Mara Cancer Foundation, an initiative she founded after being denied access to an ambulance to save her mother due to lack of finances.

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Upclose With Eva Nakato #11: Poetry Healed Me

Door Eva Nakato | 07 januari 2022

Kwetsiga Pinkleen Ashley populary known as ‘Pinkie’ in the poetry world resorted to Poetry for comfort after losing her mother who was her best friend. She found her healing in writing making the pen her best friend. Pinkie later joined Echo Minds Poets, a female group of poets who are changing the narrative through their poetry by being the voice of the African Woman. Currently Pinkie’s poems tackle themes many people fear to talk about and are helping many heal.

Upclose With Eva Nakato # 10: Bringing Hope to Fellow Survivors

Door Eva Nakato | 03 december 2021

Today on the Upclose with Eva Nakato, we bring you the story of Linetti Kirungi Ruboha who underwent several surgeries after a fatal acid attack by an obsessed ex-lover, after which she founded Hope Care Rescue Mission, an organisation that supports victims and survivors of acid attacks.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #9: Special Children, Special People

Door Eva Nakato | 05 november 2021

It was in the early 90s when his desire to support people with disabilities grew after witnessing the struggles of his cousin brother who became disabled as a result of epilepsy and experienced significant maltreatment from his own family and the local community. One day, Moses’ cousin disappeared and never came back, an incident that led him to start the Special Children Special People Organization that supports people with disabilities. Mr. Moses Walusimbi reminds us that persons with disabilities matter and that we should do our utmost to support them.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #8: Bella Wine, My Deceased Son’s Dream Made Alive (Part 2)

Door Eva Nakato | 08 oktober 2021

In this Second Part of our previous Episode of Upclose With Eva Nakato, Bella Wine CEO Mrs. Prudence Ukkonika sheds more light on why many young people today are failing miserably in the business world, encouraging more women to engage into business among others. Mrs. Prudence was inspired by her now deceased son to start up one of the biggest wine brands in Uganda, “Bella Wine”.

Upclose With Eva Nakato # 8: Bella Wine (PART 1)

Door Eva Nakato | 04 oktober 2021

Many children draw inspiration from their parents but did you know that a child could as well inspire a parent? Well, our guest today was inspired by her now deceased son to start up one of the biggest wine brands in Uganda. Whereas the death of her son was a very big blow to her, Mrs. Prudence kept her son’s dreams alive by growing a business idea he had previously incubated. In this episode, we bring you Mrs. Prudence Ukkonika, the CEO of K-Roma Ltd, the manufacturers of the famous Bella Wine.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #7: From Journalism to Body Building

Door Eva Nakato | 03 september 2021

Today in Upclose with Eva Nakato, the extraordinary story of Kato Usain Finiito who gave up his journalism career in Uganda to become a professional body builder. He takes us through his journey as a body builder and dreams for the young body builders in his country.

Upclose with Eva Nakato # 6: The Mentor Mother

Door Eva Nakato | 06 augustus 2021

Today in Upclose With Eva Nakato, We bring you Robinah Babirye a stay-home-mum who is not only spending time with her son but is also dedicating it to new young mothers both physically and virtually by mentoring, counseling and guiding them to be the best mums they can ever be to their children.

Robinah Babirye is a young woman born and openly living with HIV, an HIV Advocate with a Bachelors Degree in Community Based Rehabilitation, she was the Miss Y+ 2015-2016 and has been awarded by several networks for her commendable job in the community.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #5: Turning Books Into Toys

Door Eva Nakato | 02 juli 2021

In this episode of ‘Upclose with Eva Nakato’ we bring you Hasfa Mago from Kampala who is helping thousands of children develop the much needed basic literacy skills by turning Books into Toys through her Book Drive Foundation.

Upclose with Eva Nakato #4: The Lockdown Hero

Door Eva Nakato | 05 juni 2021

Today on Upclose With Eva Nakato the story of a bold gentleman who saved many lives of people living with HIV during the Lockdown by delivering antiretroviral drugs (ARV’s) to them using a bicycle! Watch the inspirational story of Hillary Nuwamanya, a young person living with HIV himself, on the Vice Versa Global YouTube Channel.

Upclose with Eva Nakato: Beekeeping for prosperity

Door Eva Nakato | 03 mei 2021

In this Episode of ‘Upclose with Eva Nakato’, we bring you Immaculate Akullo, a passionate female beekeeper who…

Upclose with Eva Nakato Ep# 2: Good Roots, Good Fruits

Door Eva Nakato | 06 april 2021

The 2nd episode of Upclose With Eva Nakato is finally here, powered by ViceVersa Global. Meet this powerful…

Column Eva Nakato: Stingy Men Vs Stingy Women

Door Eva Nakato | 17 maart 2021

There comes a time in every male adult’s life when they have to call themselves to a meeting and reassess their life choices. You’ll do the math and realize that you’ve spent an amount similar to a small country’s defense budget, on entertaining women. Well worry no more my brothers, your comrades in Uganda decided enough is enough. Something needed to be done urgently.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #1: The Queen with a Golden Heart!

Door Eva Nakato | 01 maart 2021

For the very first episode of Upclose With Eva Nakato on Vice Versa Global, we bring you Miss…

Column: ik heb gekozen, nu jullie nog!

Door Eva Nakato | 18 februari 2021

Op de ochtend van 14 januari werd ik wakker met gemengde gevoelens. Eerst was ik opgetogen mijn grondwettelijk recht te mogen uitoefenen, door te stemmen op de presidentskandidaat van mijn keuze – en ik had nog nooit gestemd!

Een ongewone kerst

Door Eva Nakato | 31 december 2020

In deze speciale Oudejaarscolumn blikt Eva Nakato terug op een ongewone kerst. Alles lijkt altijd te kloppen op kerstmis, of toch niet?

Urban farming: hope for the urban poor

Door Eva Nakato | 30 september 2020

Vice Versa columnist Eva Nakato is having plans of starting urban farming in her own backyard, which she hopes to turn into a business like so many of her fellow Kampalans. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, urban farming has become a lifeline, especially for the urban poor.

Column Eva Nakato: Heb je het gemaakt op je dertigste?

Door Eva Nakato | 03 september 2020

Onze columnist Eva Nakato ziet de dertig over een paar jaar naderen en dat roept vragen en verwachtingen op, zo’n grens. Zeker in Afrika is de druk op jonge vrouwen groot als ze dertig worden. Degenen die het hebben ‘gemaakt’ zijn de vrouwen die al getrouwd zijn en kinderen hebben. 

Column Eva Nakato: Van nadeel tot voordeel

Door Eva Nakato | 27 juli 2020

Wat vroeger in je leven als ‘ongepast’ werd gezien door je omgeving, blijkt vaak de sleutel tot succes in je latere leven te zijn. Ook voor onze columniste Eva Nakato. Vroeger werd ze soms gepest om haar zware stem, nu wordt ze juist hiervoor uitgekozen voor het spreken in het openbaar en het inspreken van teksten.