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The Deaf Youth Washing Bay of Aydel

Door Martha Nalukenge | 17 maart 2022

It will take a concerted effort from the global village to completely eradicate discrimination against people living with disabilities. It is time to look beyond their disability and focus more on their skills and capabilities. In Aydel Uganda, a group of deaf individuals came together and resolved to start a car wash business that is quickly becoming the talk of town.

The self-educated ghetto filmmaker and dancer

Door Martha Nalukenge | 31 januari 2022

Ronnie Styles, the self-taught filmmaker from Masaka, believes that the ghetto youth have a lot to offer, if…

African Youth, the time for climate action is now

Door Martha Nalukenge | 29 oktober 2021

The ramifications of climate change are progressively but gradually being felt and experienced not only in Uganda, but around the globe. From excessively high temperatures, erosions, rising sea levels and even loss of aquatic life, Uganda has definitely felt the catastrophic impact of climate change. Thousands of youth have been forced to leave behind their livelihoods, aspirations and opportunities as a result. Vice Versa Global’s Ugandan correspondent Martha Nalukenge chose to witness firsthand how her native nation is coping with this impending crisis and its tragic consequences.

How Ugandan pupils are twarting Covid-19 effects and becoming future entrepreneurs

Door Martha Nalukenge | 06 oktober 2021

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic caused numerous disruptions all over the world. As such mankind had to quickly adapt to the ‘new normal’ to be able to survive. A group of school going pupils from Uganda, after having to relocate to the countryside, decided to make the best out of a bad situation by accompanying their parents to their daily hustle. As a result, they not only get to earn some money, but they’ve also been able to acquire some necessary entrepreneurial skills.

The female road construction worker

Door Martha Nalukenge | 25 augustus 2021

The outbreak of Covid-19 is forcing people to be creative. Esther Bulimwa is a Ugandan teacher, but found herself without a job due to the closure of schools. She actively looked for something else and is now the only woman working at a road construction site. Our reporter Martha Nalukenge spoke with her. 

Modernity and nature

Door Martha Nalukenge | 14 juli 2021

As our cities rapidly expand and modernize, nature continuous to bear the burden as it is constantly being dislocated. In Masaka, the green lush vegetation that adorned the city is slowly being replaced by grey impervious surfaces. Martha Nalukenge shares her insights into how changes in land cover have affected the city and its people.

New lockdown hits Uganda’s education sector again

Door Martha Nalukenge | 16 juni 2021

Uganda has once again been put under lockdown after the 3rd wave of Covid-19 hit the country. This is very unfortunate news for its education sector. Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills needed to make the world a better place. In Uganda, it is perhaps one of the most affected areas thanks to the pandemic. Our correspondent, Martha Nalukenge paints a vivid picture for us on how the virus severely affected the country.

The Bikers Club with a purpose

Door Martha Nalukenge | 28 mei 2021

In Europe and other Western countries, biker clubs are normally associated with criminal gangs and other social evils. However, in Uganda, a bikers club from Masaka is actually helping out in the community through several social outreach programs. Vice Versa Global’s Martha Nalukenge sought to find out more about them and what drives them. ‘We ride with vision and mission.’

The earnest artist from Jinja

Door Martha Nalukenge | 30 april 2021

Vice Versa Global’s own Martha Nalukenge caught up with one of the finest graffiti and mural artist in Uganda at the moment: Fatuma Hassan. She is causing quite the stir with her paintings not only in her country but beyond the borders. What makes it better is that she’s just getting started.

Fashion feeding the universe

Door Martha Nalukenge | 26 maart 2021

Growing up, it was engrained in us that we had to take particular career paths if we wanted to succeed later on in life. They are too many to mention but one that was never on that list was fashion and design. From being viewed as a female only field, to the outright falsehood that it is a career for dense students. Now, not only has it evolved into a billion dollar empire, but it’s also used to express different emotions and ideas. With that, our very own young entrepreneurs in Africa have also decided to venture into it. Like Nassozi Carol.

The Ghetto Nurse from Nyendo

Door Martha Nalukenge | 12 maart 2021

The ongoing pandemic has brought to the fore the crucial and very important role that nurses play in our society. And like Nurse Jordan tells us, it is a calling that takes a lot of hard-work and perseverance. Our Ugandan correspondent Martha Nalukenge caught up with Cotilda Nanjeru, a nurse in her home country of Uganda, as she discusses on what it means to be a nurse in these tough times, her challenges and what the future holds for her.

The life path of sanitary towels

Door Martha Nalukenge | 05 maart 2021

A prison in Uganda has further improved the customization of sanitary towels. Mawosi – Make women smile – is the face behind it and with the earnings helps the women who are serving their time, with their children in prison. A story on a sensitive subject that shapes self-esteem more than is sometimes thought.

Als anticonceptie een duivels dilemma lijkt te zijn

Door Martha Nalukenge | 07 oktober 2020

Oeganda is een land van vroege zwangerschap, van meisjes die dat veelal niet zo wilden. Soms zeggen ouders dat anticonceptie tot ‘brandende eierstokken’ leidt, een zonde bovendien. De dochters zijn in tweestrijd, maar ze horen van steeds meer gezondheidswerkers hoe het zit. Een reportage over het krijgen van controle. ‘Veel jonge meiden zijn hun toekomst ergens onderweg kwijtgeraakt, door zwanger te worden.