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Meet East Africa’s Youth Parliament

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 09 juni 2021

East Africa Youth are a young, energetic and curious group of people. If we as East Africa invested in harnessing their potential, then the region would attain most, if not all, of its development goals. However, they are faced with numerous challenges. Is the East Africa Youth Parliament the savior?

Days of mourning as floods sweep through Kibera

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 19 mei 2021

Residents of Kibera in Nairobi woke up to a morning of destruction and mourning after flesh floods swept through the area. This has become a common occurrence in the area every time it rains and it’s about time long lasting solutions were effected. The most practical solution is we plant trees instead of houses along the river banks. Vice Versa Global’s own Nicera Wanjiru, who grew up and resides in Kibera, narrates her experience on that particular day.

Sex in the slums: a game of hide and seek

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 05 mei 2021

Picture this if you can. You live in a modest 10 by 10 structure constructed from corrugated iron sheets. In this house, you stay with either your girlfriend or wife, plus a couple of kids some of them teenagers. Now, what would you do if you wanted to make love to your partner in such a scenario? Keep in mind most, if not all, of these houses actually face each other. What would you consider?

The peculiar group of old wazee

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 03 april 2021

Imagine if trees gave off Wi-Fi signals. We would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe. As we celebrate the birth month of one of the greatest environmentalists of our time, Wangari Maathai, we are reminded by a group of senior citizens that it’s never too late to make a change and plant that tree.

Spotlights on the unseen heroines from the communities

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 08 maart 2021

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Vice Versa Global celebrates three women who have gone an extra mile sacrificing time, energy and even using there own recources to cure problems being faced by women in their communities. Our reporter Nicera Wanjiru had a talk with Florence Adhiambo, Sarah Dafar and Zelpha Ingasiah. All from different informal settlements but driven by passion to change the situations women face. Little is know about these women.