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Employment agencies need to be regulated

Door Nsima Nyo | 10 februari 2022

For many Africans who have secured the opportunity to fly abroad, deportation is the last thing they would ever want to happen to them. Unfortunately their laws dictate that if you do not secure employment within a given time frame, you’re deported. On the second part in our Africans Living Abroad series, Nsimo Nyo, continues to narrate her ordeal with rogue agencies and agents and the sad reality of people resorting to unlawful vices just to stay and survive there.

Stranded and struggling in a foreign country

Door Nsima Nyo | 07 februari 2022

Many people, mostly from Africa and Asia, have left their home countries in search for greener pastures in Arab countries. Things don’t always turn out as expected for some of them thanks to a few dubious agencies, leaving them stranded in a foreign country and with no source of income. In the first part of a series of articles on Africans Living Abroad, Nsima Nyo, not her real name, narrates her personal experience in securing employment thus far.