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Upclose with Eva Nakato Ep# 2: Good Roots, Good Fruits

Door Eva Nakato | 06 april 2021

The 2nd episode of Upclose With Eva Nakato is finally here, powered by ViceVersa Global. Meet this powerful…

The peculiar group of old wazee

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 03 april 2021

Imagine if trees gave off Wi-Fi signals. We would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe. As we celebrate the birth month of one of the greatest environmentalists of our time, Wangari Maathai, we are reminded by a group of senior citizens that it’s never too late to make a change and plant that tree.

African Movie Review episode 1

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 31 maart 2021

Today on Vice Versa Global: the first contribution of Emmanuel Mandebo. Emmanuel is a young lawyer from Uganda with a passion for film. Besides that he is an actor, writer and producer himself. Each month Emmanuel will do a review of an African Movie with a socially conscious message.

Communnity news organizations are taking over

Door Eunice Mwaura | 29 maart 2021

The journalism landscape has greatly evolved over the past few years. Mainstream media is no longer the heart…

Fashion feeding the universe

Door Martha Nalukenge | 26 maart 2021

Growing up, it was engrained in us that we had to take particular career paths if we wanted to succeed later on in life. They are too many to mention but one that was never on that list was fashion and design. From being viewed as a female only field, to the outright falsehood that it is a career for dense students. Now, not only has it evolved into a billion dollar empire, but it’s also used to express different emotions and ideas. With that, our very own young entrepreneurs in Africa have also decided to venture into it. Like Nassozi Carol.

The Youth Canvas: Art to boost self confidence

Door Eunice Mwaura | 24 maart 2021

In the fifth episode of The Youth Canvas, Eunice Mwaura visits the Foundation of Hope in Kibera. This Youth Led Organization uses art to give young people from informal settlements self-confidence and to shape their own future direction.

Don’t leave teen mums behind!

Door Cynthia Omondi | 22 maart 2021

Gone are the days when teen mums used to be shunned and looked at as social pariahs. With comprehensive sex education being turned from a right to a controversial issue by the society at large, some organizations decided to step up and bridge this gap. The narrative has changed and these girls are making something of themselves.

Column Eva Nakato: Stingy Men Vs Stingy Women

Door Eva Nakato | 17 maart 2021

There comes a time in every male adult’s life when they have to call themselves to a meeting and reassess their life choices. You’ll do the math and realize that you’ve spent an amount similar to a small country’s defense budget, on entertaining women. Well worry no more my brothers, your comrades in Uganda decided enough is enough. Something needed to be done urgently.

The Ghetto Nurse from Nyendo

Door Martha Nalukenge | 12 maart 2021

The ongoing pandemic has brought to the fore the crucial and very important role that nurses play in our society. And like Nurse Jordan tells us, it is a calling that takes a lot of hard-work and perseverance. Our Ugandan correspondent Martha Nalukenge caught up with Cotilda Nanjeru, a nurse in her home country of Uganda, as she discusses on what it means to be a nurse in these tough times, her challenges and what the future holds for her.

‘Jesus was also an activist: you can call us his modern-day disciples’

Door Eunice Mwaura | 10 maart 2021

She dreams big, inspires women and men and is not afraid of sacred houses – such as the balance of power in the world of human rights. A meeting in Nairobi with Rachael Mwikali, feminist and activist. It starts at home: “In global forums, our president says he supports gender equality, but our own parties are not inclusive, and women cannot walk the streets safely at night or are even murdered.”

Spotlights on the unseen heroines from the communities

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 08 maart 2021

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Vice Versa Global celebrates three women who have gone an extra mile sacrificing time, energy and even using there own recources to cure problems being faced by women in their communities. Our reporter Nicera Wanjiru had a talk with Florence Adhiambo, Sarah Dafar and Zelpha Ingasiah. All from different informal settlements but driven by passion to change the situations women face. Little is know about these women.

The life path of sanitary towels

Door Martha Nalukenge | 05 maart 2021

A prison in Uganda has further improved the customization of sanitary towels. Mawosi – Make women smile – is the face behind it and with the earnings helps the women who are serving their time, with their children in prison. A story on a sensitive subject that shapes self-esteem more than is sometimes thought.

Data, the new currency in Africa

Door Eunice Mwaura | 03 maart 2021

“It is important to uphold and observe ethics in mapping, data collection and packaging. This has proved to be quite a challenge. Approximately, only 30% of researchers and academia come back to the community to verify and share their collected data.” To get to grips with this issue and how to handle it, we talked to Nicera Wanjiru, a young activist driving change in her community and fighting for her community’s right to data and information.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #1: The Queen with a Golden Heart!

Door Eva Nakato | 01 maart 2021

For the very first episode of Upclose With Eva Nakato on Vice Versa Global, we bring you Miss…

Youth Canvas videoserie #4

Door Vice Versa | 11 december 2020

In de 4e aflevering van The Youth Canvas presenteert Eunice Mwaura het verhaal van Pauline Juma, een 25-jarige overlevende van Sexual Gender Based Violence en oprichtster van ‘Rebirth of a queen.’ Van overlevende tot kampioen, vertelt ze haar verhaal en hoe het haar activisme heeft aangewakkerd. Pauline geeft slachtoffers niet alleen een thuis, maar ook hoop. Elke dag van het jaar is een dag van activisme tegen Sexual Gender Based Violence.

Youth Canvas videoserie #3

Door Eunice Mwaura | 08 oktober 2020

The third episode of the Youth Canvas is about youth and agriculture. Eunice Mwaura visits a young farmer…

Youth Canvas videoserie #2

Door Eunice Mwaura | 14 augustus 2020

In de Youth Canvas gaat verslaggever Eunice Mwaura in gesprek met jongeren over thema’s als gendergelijkheid, maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen, klimaatverandering en macht en ongelijkheid.

Youth Canvas videoserie #1

Door Eunice Mwaura | 20 juli 2020

In de Youth Canvas gaat verslaggever Eunice Mwaura in gesprek met jongeren over thema’s als gendergelijkheid, maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen, klimaatverandering en macht en ongelijkheid.