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The Deaf Youth Washing Bay of Aydel

Door Martha Nalukenge | 17 maart 2022

It will take a concerted effort from the global village to completely eradicate discrimination against people living with disabilities. It is time to look beyond their disability and focus more on their skills and capabilities. In Aydel Uganda, a group of deaf individuals came together and resolved to start a car wash business that is quickly becoming the talk of town.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #13: BloodLink Blood Donation Mobile App

Door Eva Nakato | 04 maart 2022

BloodLink is a (P2P) peer to peer blood donation mobile app that connects blood donors and recipients. The application was developed for the benefit of the needy for blood during an emergency. Today, we bring you a closed knit group of friends who decided to develop this application after failing to secure blood from the blood bank for one of their colleagues who needed an urgent blood transfusion. However, out of the 7 friends, no one was eligible to donate blood for his cause. The BloodLink mobile application can be found on the ios appstore and google play store.

African Movie Review: No Borders

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 01 maart 2022

In this Episode of the African Movie Review, we bring you ‘No Borders’, a short film Written and Directed by Achura E. Fredrick. In the film, Khalifan, a refugee, must go against all the odds to stand for his love Flo, a girl from the hostile host community.

Employment agencies need to be regulated

Door Nsima Nyo | 10 februari 2022

For many Africans who have secured the opportunity to fly abroad, deportation is the last thing they would ever want to happen to them. Unfortunately their laws dictate that if you do not secure employment within a given time frame, you’re deported. On the second part in our Africans Living Abroad series, Nsimo Nyo, continues to narrate her ordeal with rogue agencies and agents and the sad reality of people resorting to unlawful vices just to stay and survive there.

Stranded and struggling in a foreign country

Door Nsima Nyo | 07 februari 2022

Many people, mostly from Africa and Asia, have left their home countries in search for greener pastures in Arab countries. Things don’t always turn out as expected for some of them thanks to a few dubious agencies, leaving them stranded in a foreign country and with no source of income. In the first part of a series of articles on Africans Living Abroad, Nsima Nyo, not her real name, narrates her personal experience in securing employment thus far.

Upclose With Eva Nakato 12: Keeping Hopes Alive

Door Eva Nakato | 04 februari 2022

After losing her mother to cervical cancer a year ago, 23 year old Katushabe Marion aka Mara dedicated her life to supporting cancer patients across the country through the Mara Cancer Foundation, an initiative she founded after being denied access to an ambulance to save her mother due to lack of finances.

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The self-educated ghetto filmmaker and dancer

Door Martha Nalukenge | 31 januari 2022

Ronnie Styles, the self-taught filmmaker from Masaka, believes that the ghetto youth have a lot to offer, if…

African Movie Review: Kemi, The Final Tragedy

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 29 januari 2022

In this Episode of the African Movie Review, Emmanuel Mandebo brings you Kemi: The Final Tragedy. A film by the multi award winning director, Kizito Samuel Savior. The film is about Kemi, who suddenly loses the father to her unborn child in a plane crash leaving her at the mercy of the man’s relatives considering that they were not officially married. The man’s relatives consequently evict her from the man’s house leaving her to fend for herself and the yet to be born child.

The Haitian photographer with a difference

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 24 januari 2022

From humble beginnings in Haiti, Lentini Theodore is now a world renowned photographer who has traversed many countries. Inspired by his modest background, he opted to shine a spotlight on the positive stories and ‘vibes’ in informal settlements from the Global South. Vice Versa Global speaks to the young professional photographer who is in Kenya for the first time.

Tackling Inequality in Times of Crisis: Insights from the People vs Inequality Podcast

Door Barbara van Paassen | 21 januari 2022

“Ten richest men double their fortunes in pandemic while incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall” is the headline of the report that Oxfam launched this week. A report full of staggering numbers, showing that inequality doesn’t only disrupt lives and societies, it actually kills. The pandemic has both exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities. It is one of the reasons Barbara van Paassen started the People vs Inequality podcast. The hard hit that women took became the topic of the first series. In this blog she shares the stories of changemakers fighting inequality and four key take aways to turn the tide.

The 21 year old Kenyan actress daring to dream abroad

Door Eunice Mwaura | 17 januari 2022

At just 21 years of age, Janet Kilonzo is a budding actress in one of the greatest cities in the world. Despite the numerous stereotypes she has encountered so far, she has made it her mission to break the mould of what Hollywood perceives ‘African’ to be. Following in the footsteps of her fellow country folk Lupita Nyong’o, she also hopes to make it in Hollywood and star in her own hit show or blockbuster film one day.

Derrick Baah, the Ghanaian live painter

Door Eunice Mwaura | 12 januari 2022

In the new episode of the Youth Canvas, Eunice Mwaura meets Derrick Baah, a young Ghanaian live painter, during the Young African Leaders Summit in Accra, Ghana. He is able to make a perfect visual art piece of Nelson Mandela in a matter of minutes. He uses his art to inspire other young people and to send a message of positivity. He leaves us with a very important message; sacrifice is a mindset, success will always soar on the wings of sacrifice, without sacrifice you cannot get to your peak.

Upclose With Eva Nakato #11: Poetry Healed Me

Door Eva Nakato | 07 januari 2022

Kwetsiga Pinkleen Ashley populary known as ‘Pinkie’ in the poetry world resorted to Poetry for comfort after losing her mother who was her best friend. She found her healing in writing making the pen her best friend. Pinkie later joined Echo Minds Poets, a female group of poets who are changing the narrative through their poetry by being the voice of the African Woman. Currently Pinkie’s poems tackle themes many people fear to talk about and are helping many heal.

Community Voices #2: The eviction of Mukuru slum

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 29 december 2021

Development comes with its fair share of setbacks. The worst impacted are slum inhabitants, who are frequently forcibly evicted to make room. During the covid 19 pandemic thousands of people have been uprooted from their homes in what is described as the worst eviction of the informal settlement history.  Vice Versa Global speaks with inhabitants of Mukuru kwa Jenga, the most recent victims of evictions.

Just get on with it: the adventure of entrepreneurship

Door Elian Yayhe | 20 december 2021

An office job in the civil service is no longer the only career option for young people in Chad. A rapidly growing group of young people are opting to start their own business. Running a small business is not only a way to earn money, it also builds confidence and helps young people to break free of *le système. ‘Don’t wait, just get on with it!’

African Movie Review: Veronica’s Wish

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 17 december 2021

In this Episode of the African Movie Review, Emmanuel Mandebo takes us through the emotional film, Veronica’s Wish. In the film, a young and successful couple is looking forward to their big wedding when the bride-to-be suddenly finds out that she’s left with a few months to live.

Sex is not child’s play, so take all young people seriously

Door Marlies Pilon | 13 december 2021

Access to sex education and condoms, and making your own family planning decisions: often it still depends on sex, race, mobility, location, money and gender norms. The new generation of women activists wants to expand access to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). They are demanding change – in the bedroom and in the boardroom. We took a look at the situation in Rwanda and Zambia.

More than radio

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 09 december 2021

Victor Juma established Bus Radio community station in Kajiado town centre to deliver solutions to local problems. It is the only licenced radio station in Kenya entirely in the hands of young people. Everyone told Juma it was ‘impossible’ – but he proved them all wrong. This is his story.

Upclose With Eva Nakato # 10: Bringing Hope to Fellow Survivors

Door Eva Nakato | 03 december 2021

Today on the Upclose with Eva Nakato, we bring you the story of Linetti Kirungi Ruboha who underwent several surgeries after a fatal acid attack by an obsessed ex-lover, after which she founded Hope Care Rescue Mission, an organisation that supports victims and survivors of acid attacks.

‘The oldest person at our water company is 33’

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 01 december 2021

Access to clean water could never be taken for granted, recalls Judith Soila Parantai from her childhood; the water was always far away and often dirty. She is now back on her home ground and has provided a village with tap water. ‘Nothing makes me happier.’