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New lockdown hits Uganda’s education sector again

Door Martha Nalukenge | 16 juni 2021

Uganda has once again been put under lockdown after the 3rd wave of Covid-19 hit the country. This is very unfortunate news for its education sector. Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment and skills needed to make the world a better place. In Uganda, it is perhaps one of the most affected areas thanks to the pandemic. Our correspondent, Martha Nalukenge paints a vivid picture for us on how the virus severely affected the country.

This is the type of politician that Kenya needs

Door Cynthia Omondi | 14 juni 2021

Many people usually go into politics for the money and the power. Next year there will be elections in Kenya and our hope is that a new breed of politicians will emerge, those who will work for the benefit of the electorate. One of them might possibly be Saadia Rao. Thanks to her selfless acts, people have been encouraging her to stand for an elective seat. This is because they believe that she can make a positive difference. She talked to Vice Versa Global’s Cynthia Omondi.

Meet East Africa’s Youth Parliament

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 09 juni 2021

East Africa Youth are a young, energetic and curious group of people. If we as East Africa invested in harnessing their potential, then the region would attain most, if not all, of its development goals. However, they are faced with numerous challenges. Is the East Africa Youth Parliament the savior?

The power of a positive story

Door Eunice Mwaura | 07 juni 2021

How you tell a story can build or destroy the world. Eunice Mwaura, coordinator of Vice Versa Global talks about the power of a positive narrative, three months after the establishment of this platform. Through it, great untold stories have been brought to the fore. Positive remarkable stories that have invoked social change.

Upclose with Eva Nakato #4: The Lockdown Hero

Door Eva Nakato | 05 juni 2021

Today on Upclose With Eva Nakato the story of a bold gentleman who saved many lives of people living with HIV during the Lockdown by delivering antiretroviral drugs (ARV’s) to them using a bicycle! Watch the inspirational story of Hillary Nuwamanya, a young person living with HIV himself, on the Vice Versa Global YouTube Channel.

Column Eva Nakato: 40 years AIDS, the journey so far

Door Marc Broere | 31 mei 2021

Next week it will be 40 years since the first cases of what would later be called AIDS were reported. Yet after all this time, the issue of stigmatization still exists. Vice Versa columnist Eva Nakato knows exactly what it means to live with the stigma, having been born with HIV. She shares with us her personal experience, how she overcame them, the lessons learnt along the way and what she’s teaching her son.

The Bikers Club with a purpose

Door Martha Nalukenge | 28 mei 2021

In Europe and other Western countries, biker clubs are normally associated with criminal gangs and other social evils. However, in Uganda, a bikers club from Masaka is actually helping out in the community through several social outreach programs. Vice Versa Global’s Martha Nalukenge sought to find out more about them and what drives them. ‘We ride with vision and mission.’

The self-taught inventor making waves in Sierra Leone

Door Cynthia Omondi | 26 mei 2021

Emmanuel Alie Mansaray recently became a social media sensation in the West African country of Sierra Leone. This is after his invention of a solar-powered engine car was spotted on the streets of Freetown. His innovative solar car hit the headlines not only in his home country, but also internationally, leaving many people amazed by his outstanding creativity. So, who exactly is this young man and what is the force behind his passion for inventions?

The female mechanic challenging stereotypes

Door Eunice Mwaura | 24 mei 2021

At 21 years old, Felis Oloo is challenging stereotypes by working as a mechanic, a profession that is predominantly male. What inspires her and what message does she have for women who are reluctant to pursue jobs that are labelled as men’s?

Days of mourning as floods sweep through Kibera

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 19 mei 2021

Residents of Kibera in Nairobi woke up to a morning of destruction and mourning after flesh floods swept through the area. This has become a common occurrence in the area every time it rains and it’s about time long lasting solutions were effected. The most practical solution is we plant trees instead of houses along the river banks. Vice Versa Global’s own Nicera Wanjiru, who grew up and resides in Kibera, narrates her experience on that particular day.

The 15 year old conservationist following in the footsteps of Wangari Maathai

Door Eunice Mwaura | 17 mei 2021

At only 15, Rahmina Paulette is proving to be quite the rare gem. Her initiatives that are geared towards environmental conservation have earned her accolades internationally. Vice Versa Global caught up with the next Wangari Maathai as she lets us in on what inspired her to start her organization, the challenges she’s faced so far and what the future holds.

Testimony of a reformed cutter brings hope of eradicating Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya

Door Cynthia Omondi | 14 mei 2021

Over 200 million women across the globe have stood tall to tell their painful stories. Their victorious voices, their solidarity in transforming their pain into purpose and their undying hope of creating a world free from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). With many stories told of the survivors, Vice Versa Global brings you an exclusive interview with Isnino Tono. She is not only a survivor, but a person who actively participated in the actual act of the cut.

Covid-19 response has to be feminist

Door Rachael Mwikali | 12 mei 2021

Covid-19 response must be feminist and human rights centered, writes Rachael Mwikali in her first article for Vice Versa Global. In a bid to mitigate its spread, the government’s strategy has not only infringed on basic human rights, but it’s also discriminatory against women and girls. It should look at some of the best practices being carried out in the local communities that have ensured gender justice strategies that protects all regardless of gender.

African Movie Review: Kony order from above

Door Emmanuel Mandebo | 10 mei 2021

In this new Episode of the monthly African Movie Review by Emmanuel Mandebo, we bring you the Multi- Award Winning movie, Kony Order From Above, directed and produced by Steven Thompson Ayeny. The film is set during the LRA War in Northern Uganda. In the film, two young adults, Otti and Aguti struggle to keep their love affair a secret from the ruthless rebel commanders while they plot their escape from the jungles.

The tailor-made support by Amani Kibera

Door Eunice Mwaura | 07 mei 2021

In particular, locally rooted organizations make a difference in the response to Covid-19. With few resources, they deliver tailor-made assistance and make a Hugh impact. A report on the work of Amani Kibera in Nairobi. ‘It’s not only more effective, it guarantees the dignity of the people.’

Sex in the slums: a game of hide and seek

Door Nicera Wanjiru | 05 mei 2021

Picture this if you can. You live in a modest 10 by 10 structure constructed from corrugated iron sheets. In this house, you stay with either your girlfriend or wife, plus a couple of kids some of them teenagers. Now, what would you do if you wanted to make love to your partner in such a scenario? Keep in mind most, if not all, of these houses actually face each other. What would you consider?

Upclose with Eva Nakato: Beekeeping for prosperity

Door Eva Nakato | 03 mei 2021

In this Episode of ‘Upclose with Eva Nakato’, we bring you Immaculate Akullo, a passionate female beekeeper who…

The earnest artist from Jinja

Door Martha Nalukenge | 30 april 2021

Vice Versa Global’s own Martha Nalukenge caught up with one of the finest graffiti and mural artist in Uganda at the moment: Fatuma Hassan. She is causing quite the stir with her paintings not only in her country but beyond the borders. What makes it better is that she’s just getting started.

The woman breaking the job stereotype in Malindi

Door Cynthia Omondi | 26 april 2021

Vice Versa Global presents the first, and so far only, female boda-boda rider in Malindi. She has defied the odds stacked against her and is excelling in a field that is male dominated. She tells us how she is overcoming the gender stereotypes that she encounters in her line of work and what her eventual goal is.

PLO Lumumba part 2: ‘A society that doesn’t pay regard to its youth is a society adrift’

Door Eunice Mwaura | 22 april 2021

On the second part of our interview with Prof. PLO Lumumba, he gets to talk to us about how best we can cash in on Africa’s young demographic as a dividend and how she can realize transformative leadership. He also has a message for the youth on how they can overcome the cultural barriers and tells us if he feels if there is still hope for Africa’s young demographic.